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Taking the screening tests on their own can be a bit...confusing. Your accompanying guide will help you make sense of your results and allow you to make a more informed decision about whether you may or may not be autistic. It goes into detail about some of the benefits and drawbacks of the screening tests and the important questions to ask yourself.

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Online Screening Tests

Theses test are not, on their own, designed to be a diagnostic tool. However, they will provide an indication of whether you are more or less likely to have autism. They have been developed by expert researchers and clinicians and are designed for adults who are of average, or above average, intelligence. Each test highlights a slightly different aspect of autism and it is worthwhile taking all three tests. If you receive an indication that you may have autism after completing the tests, it may be worthwhile pursuing a diagnosis.
*Please note, you will be asked to provide your email address at the end of the tests so that your test results can be emailed to you. No data is ever passed onto any third parties. If you proceed with an assessment, your test results will be consulted as part of the screening process*

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What's Next?

If you've taken the screening tests and they are borderline, or indicate autism, and if you feel that any potential traits which have been identified have been there since childhood, it may be worth considering an assessment.

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