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My Story

Hello. I'm Claire and I was diagnosed with autism in my late forties. I'd always struggled through life, particularly with sensory and social issues and an all-pervading sense of constant worry. Despite years of therapy and training as a therapist, I never quite got the answers I was looking for. In fact, some therapies simply exacerbated the anxiety, sensory processing issues and general sense of overwhelm I was experiencing.  After seeing a therapist who suggested I might be autistic, I researched and finally accessed a diagnose which confirmed I was autistic. Since then, I've blogged regularly about autism and have specialised in working with autistic women. ADOS-2 diagnosis is generally recognised as the gold standard when it comes to diagnosing autism and I trained in offering ADOS-2 assessments. 
I know how hard it is to come to terms with being autistic, particularly as a late-diagnosed adult, and I know of the life affirming changes that a diagnosis leads to. 
I make sure the diagnostic process is as comfortable as it can be and I include you every step of the way. We'll have a catch up by phone or email after you receive your report to check that you're happy with it, so that you're included in the final report. I believe everyone's an individual and it's important to me that your voice is fully represented in your report.

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My Autism Journey

It's only a few years ago that I had any idea I might be autistic. I can genuinely say I had no knowledge of autism. I suspect that, if I hadn't seen a therapist who had an interest in autism, I might never have been diagnosed.

Like so many of my clients, I'd already lived a full life. I'd followed various career paths, not all of them successful, and had reached a point where I'd established a business I loved. I had a loving relationship with my partner and was mum to two amazing boys. There was a lot that was good in my life, but beneath it all I suffered crippling anxiety and exhaustion.

Discovering I was autistic completely changed my life. For the first time ever, I accepted who I was. I accepted that some things were always going to be hard for me, and I acknowledged how well I'd done to get where I was, rather than thinking I'd failed in comparison to other people. My relationships improved, my health got so much better and I spent more things pursuing the activities which brought meaning and satisfaction to my life. 

I spend a lot of my time working with and writing about autism and have a passion for helping other people experiencing the type of transformation that I have. 

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The following books are available to purchase through Amazon as Kindle or Paperbacks.


Full of supportive tips and advice, this book explores what it means to be an autistic woman and how to pursue a life which feels authentic and true.

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Parenting an autistic teenager can be challenging. This book helps you adopt a solution-focused approach to helping your child navigate their way to adulthood.

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Being raised by a parent high in narcissistic traits affects your self-esteem at the deepest level. Some people have additional complex trauma to cope with because of their childhood.

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