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Personalised, in-depth screening & report

Do you want some clarity on whether you're likely to be autistic before you access an assessment?

Perhaps you want to know whether to pursue an assessment with me, or a psychiatric diagnosis?

Are your traits likely to be autism, or something else? 

My pre-assessment, personalised and in-depth service can give you the confidence to move forwards with an assessment, or can indicate whether your traits are less-likely to indicate autism. It can save you time, money and offer clarity.

Some people feel more comfortable choosing to self-diagnose following this process.

Others find that taking their initial, personalised report to their GP can help access an assessment. 

*Please note: this is not an assessment in the same way as provided through a live session*

£79 GBP (Approximately $81 USD) Spread the cost in 3 payments with PayPal

Psychology Session

Personalised for you and not the same as screening tests...

Screening tests, such as the AQ-50, RAADS-R and CAT-Q can provide a useful starting point in indicating whether you may be autistic. But they don't allow you to go into depth about your experience. The "choices" may not fit with how you experience the world or you might misunderstand the questions. They don't offer insight, and it can be difficult to know whether to pursue an assessment after taking them, particularly if your scores are "borderline". 

My personalised screening combines analysis of your screening tests but goes into so much more depth by giving you the opportunity to talk about your personal experience in an open way. 

Whilst this process doesn't offer the same clarity that a full assessment does, it can save you time and money by suggesting whether it is worthwhile pursuing a diagnosis.

Access your personalised screening plan here!

Is this a diagnosis?

This is not a diagnosis or assessment in the same way that a live session offers and it does not allow for diagnostic tools, that are only available through observation, to be used. However, it offers a far greater insight than the screening tests alone, particularly with regard to women's, or more subtle, presentation of autism.

Who carries out the personalised screening?

I spend at least an hour going through your tests, form and preparing your report. There's no use of AI or assistants and I approach the process in exactly the same manner as I would if I was offering a full assessment.

What does the personalised screening process include?

Once you have purchased the personalised screening programme, you will receive a link to the three primary screening tests I use during assessments. You will also receive a link to a more detailed form which you can complete and submit to me for analysis. The form is designed to allow you to go into depth about your internal experience in a way that is not possible on the screening tests. Following my analysis, I will prepare a report based on the personalised information you have provided.

What screening tests are included?

The screening tests I refer to are the AQ-50, RAADS-R and CAT-Q, which are the same tests I used during full assessments. There are many screening tests and using too many can cause confusion. I find that combining these tests provides a useful overview and, although some of the questions are difficult to answer, can be a good indicator of autism.

What questions are included in the form?

The questions are designed to give you the opportunity to offer an insight into how you feel, as opposed to purely focusing on the symptoms you experience. It's often hard for autistic people to get their experience across during an assessment and the form has been carefully designed to accommodate your full range of experience.

What's included in the report?

I provide an analysis of what appears to be most evident from your screening tests and form. I analyse your results in line with DSM-5 criteria and carefully look for more subtle indicators of autism. My report includes my opinion of whether you are more or less likely to be autistic, based on the information provided, and whether it is worthwhile pursuing an assessment of some kind. It's possible to use your report as a first step in asking your GP, psychologist or other healthcare provider for additional support or an assessment. Please note, however, there are no guarantees as to whether this will improve your chances of securing a diagnosis.

What next?

If you choose to pursue a full assessment with me, which includes a two-hour zoom call, the cost of your personalised screening is refunded against your session fee. Alternatively, you may feel more confident pursuing a diagnosis with another provider or asking your GP to refer you for a psychiatric diagnosis. Some people feel that they have enough clarity of mind to self-diagnose with more confidence than they would have had from screening tests alone.

Do I need an appointment?

All analysis takes place remotely and you will be contacted by email with your results. No appointment is necessary. However, following your personalised screening you are welcome to attend a full assessment, at which point your screening fee will be refunded.

Free E-books

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Developing Healthy Emotional Regulation

Access exclusive tools, including my autism emotions wheel and emotional timeline to help you develop healthier emotional regulation strategies and reduce the frequency and impact of autistic meltdowns and shutdowns.

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Could I Be Autistic? The ultimate guide for women & AFABs

Autism screening tests are a good starting point for establishing whether you might be autistic. But there are other questions which it's useful to ask yourself and which can help you establish whether you have autistic traits or whether your symptoms might be more likely to be due to a trauma history or other factors. This E-book covers what to look for as an autistic woman or AFAB.

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Autism and Social Communication

Difficulties and differences with social communication are at the heart of being autistic. In this Ebook, I help you develop strategies to help you express yourself and ensure other people give you the support and respect you need in order to be heard.

Unlock additional FREE autism tests, E-books and resources & keep updated with news and information

Once you've submitted your information, it can take a few minutes for your link to arrive! Please check spam/ promotion files if you haven't received your link. Your data is never shared with third parties.

Additional tests


This shortened version of the AQ-50 tends to be what you'll complete at a GP appointment. Women, in particular, often don't achieve a score on the "cut off" point and it's useful to be aware of this before attending an initial appointment.

Empathy Quotient - EQ

Empathy and autism have a complex relationship. The idea that autistic people lack empathy is outdated, but many people experience differences in empathy. The EQ can be a useful indicator, but remember - many autistic people do not achieve a score which indicates potential autism because they do not experience empathy differences.

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