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Community, resources and ATAA® Therapists

Do you need support as you come to terms with being autistic? You might find that being part of a community of like minded people helps and, if you want to explore how to unmask and move towards self-acceptance my six week course could be just what you need. If you need help from a qualified therapist, one of our ATAA® practitioners could offer you that individualised, specialised support you need.

Autism Action Plan

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Support group for late-diagnosed autistic women

Join a community of late-diagnosed (including self-diagnosed) autistic women

Discovering you're autistic later in life, whether you receive an official diagnosis or self-diagnose, can feel lonely and uncertain. I've set up a group where you'll not only receive support from other adult women diagnosed later in life, but where I regularly offer advice and support. I also run a live monthly session where we cover an autism-related topic and there's a chance to ask questions if you'd like. You'll be asked to confirm that you are a woman or AFAB, diagnosed in adulthood (or self-diagnosed in adulthood). Click here to join. 

Self-development course: Unmasking - Moving toward self-acceptance as a late-diagnosed autistic woma

Self-development course

Unmasking: Moving toward self-acceptance as a late-diagnosed autistic woman

Are you struggling, as an adult woman or AFAB, to come to terms with being autistic? People who have already lived a life, which often includes high levels of masking, can find it difficult to move forwards. By learning to unmask and accept and embrace yourself as an autistic woman, it really is possible to lead a life which is so much more fulfilling and meaningful than you could have imagined. With written resources, videos, guided-mediations and more, this six week course will help you create the life you deserve. 


Autism Resources

Autism Information Booklet

Learn more about autism with our Autism Information Booklet.

Emotional timeline

Learn to identify where you are on your personal emotional timeline.

Emotional Regulation

Discover more about autism and emotional regulation.

Find an ATAA® Qualified Therapist

Autism therapist

Irene is an experienced hypnotherapist and Anxiety UK Approved Therapist in addition to being a qualified ATAA Practitioner. She works online and in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Irene Irving M.Sc., SQHP

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 08.58_edited.jpg

Caroline works online with clients from the UK and is an experienced counsellor with additional experience in working with autism.

Caroline Henton BA (Hons), DipHE, MBACP


Anna is a psychotherapist, counsellor, arts therapist (drama and movement), and clinical supervisor with over 20 years post-qualifying experience. She sees clients in her clinic in North London and online. She is experienced in working with late-diagnosed autistic clients.

Anna Rose (she/her) MA PGDip(Psych) Dip Sup LLB(hons)

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 14_edited.png

Laura is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in working with mind-body approaches, which are so helpful for many autistic clients. She works in Somerset, London by arrangement and online.

Laura Shipp

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