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Adult Women Autism Assessment

Are you starting to think that some of the struggles you've faced in life are because you're autistic? Claire Jack, Ph.D. specialises in providing assessments for adult women and people who are AFAB. Claire has extensive experience of working with autistic women, particularly those who have lived their adult lives unaware that they are autistic. An assessment can provide you with the clarity you need to accept yourself and start living a life filled with potential. All adult autism assessments are carried out by Claire who has authored several books on autism, including Women with Autism and Embracing Autistic Motherhood. She  is one of Psychology Today's in-house experts where she blogs on Women with Autism

No referral is needed to access an assessment. It is advisable to start off by taking the free online tests which will advise you of whether you are more or less likely to have autism. Assessments are only available to adults over the age of eighteen and who are of average or above average intelligence. When you have booked your assessment, you will be sent a form which your parent can complete with additional information if they are able to do so and you are happy for them to do so. However, if it is not possible for a parent to contribute, which is sometimes the case for adult clients, this is perfectly ok.

Claire provides an ADOS-2 Assessment, which is internationally recognised and is generally regarded as the gold standard of autism diagnosis.

For more information about autism and to access free resources, click here. Once you've submitted your information, it can take a few minutes for your link to arrive! Your data is never shared with third parties.

To learn how to unmask and work toward self-acceptance, click here. For a limited time, access your online self-development course for £14.99 using the coupon code HALFOFF during the checkout process! 

To join a community of late-diagnosed autistic women and receive advice and access to live events, click here

Assessments are only available for adults over the age of 18. Please note, if you require a full psychiatric diagnosis (which may be required to access support within certain organisations, workplaces and providers, and may identify other psychiatric conditions), you are advised to access support through your GP or pursue a private psychiatric diagnosis.

For information about working with adults with Level 1 Autism, click here

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Screening tests

The screening tests will help you decide whether pursuing a diagnosis is helpful. Please note, the tests are not a diagnostic tool and do not represent a diagnosis.

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Assessment Appointment

Once you have booked your appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and will be able to choose a time which suits to attend your zoom meeting with Claire.

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Result & Report

You will receive your results and a written report within two weeks of your assessment.



If you'd like to find out more about autism, please visit my YouTube Channel here

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Once you've submitted your information, it can take a few minutes for your link to arrive! Please check spam/ promotion files if you haven't received your link. Your data is never shared with third parties.

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