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Developing Healthy Emotional Regulation

Access exclusive tools, including my autism emotions wheel and emotional timeline to help you develop healthier emotional regulation strategies and reduce the frequency and impact of autistic meltdowns and shutdowns.

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Could I Be Autistic? The ultimate guide for women & AFABs

Autism screening tests are a good starting point for establishing whether you might be autistic. But there are other questions which it's useful to ask yourself and which can help you establish whether you have autistic traits or whether your symptoms might be more likely to be due to a trauma history or other factors. This E-book covers what to look for as an autistic woman or AFAB.

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Autism and Social Communication

Difficulties and differences with social communication are at the heart of being autistic. In this Ebook, I help you develop strategies to help you express yourself and ensure other people give you the support and respect you need in order to be heard.

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Additional tests


This shortened version of the AQ-50 tends to be what you'll complete at a GP appointment. Women, in particular, often don't achieve a score on the "cut off" point and it's useful to be aware of this before attending an initial appointment.

Empathy Quotient - EQ

Empathy and autism have a complex relationship. The idea that autistic people lack empathy is outdated, but many people experience differences in empathy. The EQ can be a useful indicator, but remember - many autistic people do not achieve a score which indicates potential autism because they do not experience empathy differences.

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