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Autism Assessments for Adult Women

Are you an adult woman or AFAB person who's questioning whether you might be autistic? An assessment can provide you with the answers that can help explain your life experiences up to this point, and help you make choices which respect and meets your needs going forwards.

Until comparatively recently, it was thought that girls and women couldn't be autistic and autism in women and girls continues to be missed, given women's tendency to camouflage and present in "non-traditional" ways. As a late-diagnosed autistic woman, Claire Jack, Ph.D., provides assessments that are sensitive to how autistic women experience autism and is designed to pick up on sub-clinical and subtle autistic traits.  Claire is committed to providing assessments which are sensitive to how autistic women present with autism. Claire is the author of Women with Autism, one of Psychology Today's experts and contributor to Autism Spectrum News. She is an experienced researcher who is trained in ADOS-2 diagnosis, which is adapted to the needs of adult women. Following your assessment, you receive an extensive written report and, if necessary you'll receive recommendations for the workplace, college or university.

Your assessment also includes a follow-up zoom meeting where we can discuss your experience following the assessment and offer additional support if required. Your assessment fee is £750 (approximately $950) and includes a two hour live zoom session, analysis of screening tests, all written reports and follow-up support.

*Please note: you can pay in your chosen currency at time of booking*

For a list of books Claire has authored, click here.

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Client testimonials

"I was so worried before the assessment but Claire totally put my mind at ease. She was warm and caring and listened very carefully. I can't thank her enough."


"It was important to me to talk to someone who not only knew about women's autism, but who was autistic themselves. I felt totally understood from the first few moments of the session in a way that I can honestly say I never have been."


"I have been in and out of psychiatric services my whole life. Part of me really didn't want to do this but it was amazing. It was so in-depth and nothing like the psychiatric experiences I've had in the past!"


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Assessment Process

As an autistic woman, therapist, researcher and ADOS-2 trained practitioner, I offer an in-depth, open session where we explore whether or not you are likely to be autistic. I draw on screening tests used in the clinical diagnostic procedure, apply an adapted ADOS-2 which is sensitive to women's needs, and follow DSM-5 guidance. Your session is never rushed and, having been through the process myself, I am sensitive to just how difficult it can be to attend an appointment of this nature.

I offer this assessment to clients throughout the world.

Included within your assessment:

  • Initial analysis of screening tests, including AQ-50, RAADS-R and CAT-Q

  • Analysis of parental form (if provided - many adults cannot or do not wish to submit a parental form, which is fine)

  • 2 hour live zoom assessment session

  • Written report

  • Follow-up zoom meeting and advice

  • Work or university separate report if required

The first stage in the assessment involves taking the tests on the website. Females and AFABs, particularly, often achieve lower or more "borderline" scores in the tests. If you'd like to have a chat to discuss your result, either by phone or email, please get in touch with me. To hear about previous clients' experiences, click here.

Woman Searching Autism Diagnosis

Step 1: Screening tests

The screening tests will help you decide whether pursuing a diagnosis is helpful. Test results are analysed as part of your assessment. On their own, tests do not represent a diagnostic tool.

Dr. Claire Jack Women's Autism Expert

Step 2: Assessment Appointment

Your two-hour session with me carefully considers how adult women with autism present, including acknowledging camouflaging. It is respectful and supportive.

Autism Diagnosis Report

Step 3: Result & Report

You will receive a verbal opinion at the end of your session. You'll receive a written report within two weeks of your assessment. Your assessment includes a follow-up call with me.

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