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What is an Autism Assessment?

It might help to know that people seek out assessments for all kinds of reasons including facing long-term mental issues, discovering they're the parent of an autistic child and because they're on a long waiting list for a psychiatric diagnosis.

The full assessment fee is £750 and includes your screening tests, assessment, report and follow-up call. Please scroll down to check out regularly asked questions.

Research backs up what my clients tell me every day; receiving a diagnosis helps them accept who they are and is the first step in living happier, more fulfilled lives.

An assessment will tell you whether you have autism and what level of autism you have. Empirically tested diagnostic tools are used during the assessment process, including the ADOS-2 which is the gold standard for autism diagnosis.

All assessments are carried out by Claire Jack, Ph.D. who is an autistic woman, researcher, author and ADOS-2 Practitioner. 

An assessment is different from a clinical diagnosis available from a Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist, which would include information about other conditions you might have. Many people choose an assessment over a full psychiatric diagnosis because they can do so without a referral, the wait times are shorter and it is a more affordable option. If you wish to use your assessment for support at work or in an educational establishment, please ensure the organisation is happy to recognise an autism assessment as opposed to a full clinical diagnosis. 

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Steps involved

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Online tests

It's a good idea to take the online tests provided before booking your assessment. These will provide an indication of whether you are more or less likely to be autistic. Please note, test results are not a diagnosis.

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If you wish to proceed with your assessment, please book your appointment below. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and will be charged for the appointment and provided with a zoom link at time of booking.

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You will receive your results and a written report within two weeks of your assessment.

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What is an autism assessment?

An autism assessment will help you determine whether you are autistic. The assessment consists of pre-appointment questionnaires which are analysed and a meeting with Claire Jack using globally recognised diagnostic tools including ADOS-2, which is the gold-standard for autism diagnosis. The meeting takes approximately two hours. Following your meeting, your results will be analysed and you will be provided with a written report within two weeks of your appointment.

Is this assessment recognised internationally?

The ADOS-2 is an internationally recognised diagnostic tool. However, please check whether you require a full psychiatric assessment.

Is this a clinical diagnosis?

A full clinical diagnosis should be carried out by a Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologists. Unlike a psychiatric assessment, the autism assessment will tell you whether or not you have autism, but it will not reveal any alternative or additional mental health disorders you may have. Some workplaces and organisations will only recognise a diagnosis which is conducted by a Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist or which is conducted through the NHS so please check if you wish to use this assessment for school, university or workplace reasons. Obtaining a psychiatric diagnosis can involve a very lengthy wait and large financial outlay.

Do I need a parental contribution?

Parents can provide extremely useful information about our early years and a parental contribution is very helpful. When you book your appointment, you will be emailed a link to a form which your parent/s can complete and submit. However, some adults do not have the type of relationship with their parents where they can ask for a contribution to the assessment and some people no longer have their parents. If it is not possible for your parent to submit information, this is perfectly ok.

Is it a face-to-face appointment?

All appointments are conducted via zoom which means that you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Do you diagnose children?

Unfortunately, the assessment is only available to people over the age of eighteen who are of average, or above average, intelligence.

What's involved in the assessment?

You are strongly advised to complete the free online tests before booking your assessment, which will give some indication of whether you may be autistic. If you receive a borderline score, please contact me to discuss whether it is worthwhile pursuing a diagnosis. When you book your appointment online, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The assessment itself is conducted via zoom and takes approximately two hours, during which you will be asked questions. You will receive the results of your assessment within 48 hours of your appointment. Following that, you will receive a full written report within one week of your appointment.

What fees are involved?

At the time of booking, you will be asked to pay the assessment fee of £750 GBP

What happens if I can't make my appointment?

If you can't make your appointment, you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule. 24 hours notice is required for rescheduling, but in the case of genuine emergency or illness a shorter notice will be accommodated. Refunds are not available.

How will an assessment help me?

There are many reasons why you might wish to have an autism assessment. Anyone who is autistic and has reached adulthood will have faced considerable challenges. Knowing that there's a reason for those challenges helps you to accept yourself and the issues you face as real. An assessment may help friends, family and colleagues to understand the types of situations which cause you stress. Some people seek out a private assessment whilst they are on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist, as it may take several months or even years to be clinically diagnosed.

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